Howard History (new items)

The Practical Joke” – September 29, 2020 (Harold Preece mentions “Bob Howard” in Lone Scout publications.

William Benjamin Howard” – August 23, 2020 (information on REH’s grandfather)

THE REHupa” – October 4, 2019 (links to REHupa submissions)

‘New’ Howard Letter” – September 6, 2019 (discovery of a forgotten Howard letter to Weird Tales.)

Family Legend” – August 30, 2019 (tracing the Henry side of Robert E. Howard’s family tree.)

“Upson County, GA” – February 21, 2019 (information regarding Henry Howard, REH’s great grandfather, and family.)

“Oglethorpe County, GA” – February 13, 2019 (information regarding Mordecai Howard and Henry Howard, REH’s great-great and great grandfathers.)

The Virginia Howards” – January 22, 2019 (information regarding REH’s great-great grandfather, Mordecai Howard.)

The Earliest Howards” – January 18, 2019 (beginning a series of posts exploring Robert E. Howard’s genealogy.)

Footnotes #2: The United Statements” – November 1, 2018 (information regarding a poetry contest and the first publication of “The Sea.”)

Footnotes #1: Preece’s Nose” – October 12, 2018 (pinning down the date of Harold Preece’s “nose trouble.”)